Dr. D.K PandeyWe, at N.C. Jindal Public School, strive to produce ignited minds that are an expression of ambition, freedom, trust  And confidence. Through the everlasting journey, we encourage the students to bear a great sense of belonging Ness, responsibility and compassion for all life. Thus, they learn to transcend all narrow boundaries of caste, creed, religion and nationality to become global citizens of the new world.

We believe children are born with innate capacities and potentials that need to be encouraged with the instruments of motivation and guidance. Our dedicated team  of facilitators, the teaching fraternity and the whole ambience provide a conducive environment for learning scholastic & co-scholastic aspects, wherein the intellect is sharpened, imagination is kindled, dreams are nurtured and destinies are  shaped. They are enlightened with the refining fires of discipline and duty, service  and sacrifice; they emerge as strong individuals to face the challenges off\ the com munity as well groomed citizens.

In the rapidly changing and challenging face of  the world, education plays a pivotal Role in  bringing a paradigm shift in our mindsets. The new scheme of C.C.E. is a step Forward in this direction. With a missionary zeal, we promote independent upliftment of their inner ‘selves’ by inculcating in them virtues of humility, patience, honesty and integrity. This fulfils the aim of holistic development of the students of our institution that stands for excellence in all respects.

It is our mission to develop in each individual learner the following:

(a) Good health and physical fitness enabling the student to live a wholesome, energetic and productive life.

(b) Appreciation for ethical, cultural and patriotic values as a world citizen.

(c) Understanding and appreciation of cultural,  scientific, technical, economic and  political ideas and practices in respect of globalization and technological achievements in the world.

(d) A mastery of the skills of communication and learning.

(e) The  ability to think clearly, logically and independently.


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