The vision of the school is to impart quality education to Its students for their overall development. We impart Education which lays stress on character building, team Work and infuses among the students a spirit of honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility and justice. We Strive to develop among the students a feeling of pride In Indian ethos and cultural heritage and enable them to Be truly Indian with global outlook and rise above Social, communal religious and provincial prejudices to Contribute in making the planet earth a place to live in Harmony and peace.


The school Believes that change is a continuous process in Life. Therefore, education should encourage in students The development of personal values and thinking process Which facilitates their intelligent adaptability to the Changing society. We endeavour to develop in each student the following:

Ø       Good health and physical fitness enabling the  student to be energetic.

Ø       Appreciation for ethical, cultural and patriotic values as a world citizen.

Ø    Understanding and appreciation of cultural, scientific, technical, economic and political ideas and practices with respect to globalization and technological achievement in the world.

Ø       Mastry of the skills of communication and learning

Ø       The ability to think clearly, logically and independently.

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