Vice Principal, Mrs. Namita Sharma
Best Student Award Cereminy
Investiture Ceremony
Vice Principal, Mrs. Namita Sharma


N.C. Jindal Public School is synonymous with an irrepressible enterprise and indomitable will to march forward, creating a niche in the world in a humble manner. Emerging as an institution of excellence, the school has etched its mark in the global scenario by garnering Global Award For Excellence-2013 conferred by Women International Network (WIN).

The school reflected its commitment and excellence of 50 Golden Years with the attainment of Rank 121 at All India 2016 accredited by Education World – The Human Development Magazine under EW Co-Ed Day Schools Rankings 2016.

According to the survey conducted by C-Fore and EWISR, the school has been recognized as one of the best schools of India in Education News. The school rank has been elevated and updated with the inclusion of new parameters such as Life Skills and Conflict Management.

Recognizing the outstanding efforts in promoting various aspects of the Co-scholastic paradigm of school education, the school has been honoured with Special Jury Award For Counseling Services in Schools, Meritorious Award For Inclusive Education in Schools and Special Jury Award For Principal Leadership For Outstanding Endeavours. These awards are a symbol of the commitment of the institution to the holistic development of young minds as Global citizens of tomorrow.      

For its contribution in the areas of cleanliness and greening, the school has  received International Felicitation with Clean and Green School Award-2015 from   Afro-Asian-American Chamber of Commerce, Occupational Research and Development (ACCORD). The prestigious award was conferred on the occasion of the Commerce, Occupational Research and Development (CORD) summit by the Chief Guest,  Hon’ble Shri Tathagata Roy, Governor of Tripura.

The school has made a mark in the world of education by being selected for the School Excellence Award 2016-“ Top 500 Schools of India’’. The school received appreciation for the relentless efforts made by the school team comprising students, teachers, Principal and all other stakeholders to uphold the cause of quality education as per the criteria prescribed by Brain Feed- a monthly educational initiative.

For nurturing a generation of vibrant minds in an environment of health and happiness, the school has been acknowledged under School Excellence Awards – 2017  in the category, ‘Top Schools with Happiness Quotient Index’ by Brainfeed -  a monthly educational initiative.

The aim of the school is to help the students become responsible citizens of this country. In order to achieve this objective, the values of patriotism, integrity, honesty, trust, compassion, co-operation and tolerance are inculcated in the students through curricular and extra-curricular learning. The school is committed to create global citizens by providing its students a platform to enrich their experience of the world and develop an understanding and respect of cultural pluralism for global peace and solidarity. Adding international dimension to the curriculum of the school, the International School Award, initiated in alliance with the British Council, was successfully accredited to the school for the years 2013-16. Forging a long lasting global association with the Matched Schools around the European countries under the EUMIND, the school built up a virtual platform to accomplish goodwill projects and capacity building initiatives for greater awareness and collaboration. Through myriad activities, the students are always encouraged to contribute effectively in the formation of a cohesive global society.

Not only does the school help its students to excel in the academic sphere but also encourages them to keep in touch with India’s rich cultural heritage by developing in them a taste for fine arts viz-Painting, Sculpture, Music and Dance etc.  To instill excellent communication skills among the students in an effective manner, a technically advanced language laboratory has been set up.  The internet and e-mail facilities are provided to keep pace with today’s fast changing world.

The expertise and experience of the teaching faculty is unparalleled and exemplary.  The highly qualified and well-trained teachers strive to forge strong relationship with the students and unravel the best out of them.

The school regularly organizes a number of enrichment programmes, seminars and workshops for its teaching faculty with a focus on the growth and development of new techniques and methods of teaching and learning. Capacity Building Programmes on diverse issues and concerns organized under the aegis of CBSE have been an endeavour to strengthen attitudes, perspectives and rational approaches to learning in the 21st Century.

The school has two modern computer laboratories to keep up with the latest techniques of Computer Aided Learning (CAL). The students are empowered as well as acquainted with the usage of multi-media softwares. The school library is computerized to facilitate its optimum use and connectivity. It is well stocked with journals and encyclopedias to broaden the mental horizon of the students and the staff. Integrating modern technology into the educational process, the Smart Classrooms are utilized to fulfill the aim of making learning an enjoyable experience. An Activity Room, imbued with vibrant colours, toys and many other teaching aids, provides a congenial environment for innumerable activities and interactive learning for the toddlers.

The mission of NCJPS is to develop in each learner an appreciation for ethical, cultural and patriotic values and an ability to think clearly, logically and independently. To

achieve the same, N.C. Jindal Public School has been conducting innumerable interactive sessions, industrial visits, institutional visits and workshops for all round development of students at primary and senior levels.

Marching forward with a mission to create a healthier and happier society, ‘Swachh Bharat’ Campaign has been integrated in the school with a committed spirit. Emulating the strivings of the great leaders, Mahatma Gandhi Ji and Lal Bahadur Shastri ji, various activities are held likeCleanliness Drives, EssayWriting, Poster Making, Talks, Discussions, Board Decorations and so on.

The School Principal acted as the City Coordinator for the West Zone for the celebration of National Unity Day to pay a tribute to the Iron-Man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on his Birth Anniversary. As the Nodal Centre, the school hosted a plethora of activities viz. Poster Making, Painting Competition, Collage Making,Debate Competition and On Line Quiz. Upholding the spirit of Unity, Integrity, Safety and Security, the students took a pledge to adopt a proactive approach towards togetherness and harmony.

The school has been the recipient of the Moti Lal Nehru Running Parliamentary Shield and Trophy in the 45th Youth Parliament competition.  It also fetched the trophy for District ‘West A’ of the Directorate of Education, as the Best Education District in the said competition.

The school constantly encourages the students to explore the world beyond their boundaries. As part of the fifth phase of the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth Exchange Programme (JENESYS) sponsored by CBSE under Union Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. Of India, the students received a golden opportunity to make a fruitful visit to Japan.

Every year there is a spurt in the number of successful students who turn their dreams into reality by cracking the highly aspired examinations like IIT, AIEEE, BITS, Delhi PMT, CBSE PMT etc.

The school has shown wonderful performance at the State and National levels in various sports activities.  N.C. Jindal Public School has proved that even in the modern times yoga has not lost its lustre. It has won the State-level Team Championship Trophy a number of times since 1986.  We believe that discipline is the back–bone of any institution. Adopting discipline as a way of life, our cadets participate in annual NCC Camps enthusiastically.

To keep our outgoing classes abreast with the latest avenues available in today’s highly competitive world, the school provides the Guest Speaker Programme where eminent scholars are invited to guide the students about the existing opportunities in the educational and vocational areas. To discover self and maintain a healthy competitive edge, the school offers a kaleidoscope of activities and trains each student to meet the dynamic challenges of the world in the new millennium.

The school has built its towering edifice with a greater vision and undying spirit of hope and achievement.  It constantly aspires to reach higher altitudes and script new success stories with zeal and passion.

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